This website is the work of Joe Beavers of Gold Bar Washington.  My background is in the private sector and I spent about 6 years as Planning Commissioner, City Councilmember, and Mayor of the City of Gold Bar, a rural city, population around 2,000.  Upon becoming Mayor, I inherited a major Public Records Onslaught.  Over the 4.5 years of my mayorship, I personally handled a multiplicity of records requests, record request lawsuits, recalls, Public Disclosure Commission complaints, and State Auditor complaints, all from a small cadre of residents. 

As part of this, I was involved at the Superior Court, Appellate Court, and Supreme Court for the various legal actions.  Upon the end of my term, all courts had ruled in favor of how the City of Gold Bar complied with RCW 42.56 and its various tentacles.  The caveat of past results being no predictor of future performance holds true, of course.  

The issue that stood out for me was the awful cost, and especially how a few people can absorb large amounts of tax dollars provided by the local residents who thought that maybe they should benefit from their tax dollars.  This was true throughout Washington State and is a subject largely ignored by the newsprint media.

This website will be bringing that use of the Act to public view.  The City of Gold Bar will not be part of this review, there are plenty of examples of the Act resulting in public tax dollars being funneled into private pockets with no particular benefit to the local taxpayers footing the bill.  The Gold Bar story has been told in several media outlets, with the Sky Valley Chronicle ( providing continuous coverage of the events there.